What is the diffrence between Workplace and WorkplaceXT?

What is the diffrence between Workplace and WorkplaceXT?

javaWe are going to talk about FileNet Workplace and Workplace XT.  We must use one of them to connect to Applicatoin Engine.

There are a lot of differences between FileNet Workplace and Workplace XT

Workplace XT comes with IBM FileNet P8 4.0 version. On the other hand Workplace is older than Workplace XT.

Workplace XT is  more user-friendly and faster than Workplace.

Although Workplace is built by Servlet Techologies (with Java Server pages), Workplace XT is built by Java Server Faces. To come to the point JSF is newer than JSP or Servlet

If we are end users, we should prefer to use  Workplace XT for the purposes of processing such as reaching documents, folders andother special purposes.

Workplace XT screens are more useful then Workplace.

Workplace XT has a lot of features such as drag and drop.

On the other hand; Workplace provides a development environment for customization but that the other tools don’t.

If we are developers for Application Engine we will prefer Workplace. In addition we administer FileNet screen with Workplace.

As a result, if we are end users, we will Workplace XT, but if we are system admins , developers or architects we will prefer Workplace.

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