JSP Application Architectures

JSP Application Architectures

javaIn the software world ; business application developers and web page designers are different people. While appliction developers develop projects , web  page designers design the same projects. However in real life, especially software everything won’t be good and roles are mixed . Because of that we prefer two architectures in the software worlds.

In the first architecture model, the application logic is implemented with Java Class (jave beans ) and you can use in JSP pages.  This model is good and acceptable for applications but there are a lot of codes in JSP pages,  a few months later it can cause problems for web page designers.

The second architecture model:  This architecture model is better than the first one and it is suitable for large applications.

This model a seperate application logic and web page presentation.  It is called the MVC Model (Model View Controller).

In this model, a servlet proceses the request and handle the application logic then instantiate java beans (java beans mens  java class)

JSP obtains data from beans. When the web server send html pages to the users, the users don’t see Java codes or classes.

The second architecture model is better than the first one and more suitable for developers and page designers.

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