How does the JSP page work?

How does the JSP page work?

javaJSP is a dynamic web technology lets you design dynamic content for web pages. Without JSP,  you always have to update the appearance of static HTML pages.

The following steps explain how  a JSP page works :

– You send Http request to the web server.

– The web server is a kind of special server that recognizes http requesties for a JSP page. After that  the web server sends it to the JSP Engine

– The JSP engine converts it into a Java Servlet.

– A part of the web server is called the servlet engine . The JSP engine compiles the servlet into an executable class, after that, sends it to a servlet engine .

– The servlet engine loads the class and executes it.  After that the servlet engine sends the http response to the web server

– The web server forwards the Http response to your browser.

– Our web browser handles http response into the generated Html page.

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